Our goal is creating
beautiful and easy to use websites.

We trust in the design and in the new technologies and innovations.

IDIT WEB is a small web design studio with great capabilities. We have set a goal to create beautiful and easy to use websites.

We are a small team of great professionals and we are able to compete equally with the largest companies in the field of web services

We offer you our unique skills to develop your new awesome website or to transfer your business to the world of mobile phones.

We don't spare time and effort because we love what we do.

Our approach includes the consideration and definition of problems and desires. We provoke opportunities and reach your goals.


An idea itself is not enough to be a success. It takes expertise, skills, creativity and hard work to turn it into a real working business. We can turn your great ideas into awesome websites and mobile applications.


This is the moment when we sit down at a table with a cup of coffee or tea and discuss your goals, needs and desires. Advise you about the best and modern practice, the latest technologies and trends, and together define the direction in which to move.


We pay attention to everything planned. This is the stage where the "magic" happens, the moment when we create a vision of your new website or mobile application.


Realization of your project is that stage of the process in which the entire team begins to accomplish all ideas, animations, made impressive graphics and computing, writing thousands of lines of code.


When the last row of code is written and the last graphics and images are in its place, it’s time to check if everything is working properly. This is an important process in which we find and correct our small gaps and adjusted where necessary. Together we review results and test whether we have reached the objectives.


Once we display even the last line of code and we shifted the latest graphics and photo it's time to test if everything works as planned. This is an important process in which we discover and correct our small gaps correct and adjusted where necessary . We review the results jointly and test whether we have reached the objectives